Robert Hare Stavers Photography

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

I have grouped my images into various "galleries"  so that you might be able to find images that interest you more quickly.  To see a larger version of an image, just click on it.  Within the image pane that pops up, you can scroll back and forth with the arrow keys on your keyboard or by the arrow icons in the image pane.

Sometimes you may find the same image in several different galleries. For example, I have placed "Aspens in Early Snow" in both the Mountainscape and Winter Light galleries as it seemed to fit in both. I hope that the repetition doesn't get annoying; I am working on an  "All Photos" gallery which would allow all photos to show up with no repeats.

At the top of each separate page of each gallery there are small "tabs".  These will take you to additional pages within that gallery. Also, the larger galleries may take a bit of time to load as all the images get loaded before any of them display.  This makes it much faster to scroll through them once they are loaded.

If you find an image that doesn't display properly, please let me know. I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as  I enjoyed making them!

Although I am way behind in finalizing and printing new work,  I have added a number of new albums to my Flickr page.  There are images there from recent trips to Cuba, Peru and the Galapagos.  Please take a look, HERE.