Robert Hare Stavers Photography

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

I have been a photographer for 60 years starting with a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera when I was nine. Sublimating my passion for 55 years I grew up and embarked on a career in finance, retiring in 2001 to pursue photography full time.

I have studied with accomplished fine art photographers - Charles Crammer, John Sexton, Tony Sweet and Michael Frye among others - learning the art of shooting as well as the discipline of preparing and printing images. And I have studied photography as a fine art genre.

I have always been intrigued by the interplay of light, color and form and how different moods can be created by manipulating these three elements. My goal as a photographer is to re-create a scene as I envisioned it when I first saw and became attracted to it. This may be a straight forward shot of a beautiful landscape or an imaged view influenced by a particular light or mood.

Images are created using digital processes (various computer programs and techniques) to prepare a file, and inkjet printers with archival inks and archival papers (or other archival media) for the final product.

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